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The Woman Herself

Melissa Duffy

Hello! I'm an aspiring Irish Artist from the rural West of Ireland. Specialising in Animation, Illustration and Storyboarding.


I have been experimenting with varied styles and mediums in my work and continue to look for what's next! I enjoy a charming hand drawn style with mixed textures and natural linework. I'm easy going in my nature and I make sure to see all my projects as a new opportunity to grow as an artist. I love to include humour in my work and aim to make my audience smile. A good laugh will always stay with you long after you leave.  

I like to use my own experiences and interactions in life as my inspiration. People are an endless source of flowing inspiration! I love to research and envelop myself in new topics to retell. The Irish have storytelling in their blood and I strive to keep that tradition going! A modern day Seanchaí.

I enjoy the simple life, good food and good company. More importantly we love some good trash TV, Youtube Rabbit holes and a bitta True Crime to pass the long evenings. You'll find me tipping away at the latest craft I've taken up like crochet. embroidery, sewing or drawing!

If you're Looking to hire a freelance animator or freelance Illustrator, then please get in contact!

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